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Since 1922, Congregation B’nai Israel (CBI) located in Monmouth County, has served as a religious, cultural and educational synagogue for Jewish residents of the greater Red Bank area. Multi-generational and egalitarian, CBI is a place for prayer, spirituality, shared observance, Judaic learning and social mingling...a place to honor life-cycle events and celebrate Jewish holidays. A member of the conservative movement, CBI is dedicated to guiding our children and ourselves to appreciate the values, customs and history of our Jewish heritage, to live a life of mitzvot, to support Israel and to transmit the love of Judaism and pride in our Jewish identity to succeeding generations - L'Dor Va'Dor.

Join our Services 

All CBI services and Cultural Programming lectures are streamed on Zoom, with the exception of High Holy Day services that will be live streamed. If you want to be added to our email event list, please email You can also see all our programming on Facebook Live - Like us at @CBIRumson.


Starting on Friday, May 21, we will have our first worship service in the Sanctuary (aside from the B’nai Mitzvah we have held over the past year) for CBI MEMBERS ONLY. We will be starting off with Friday night 7:30 pm Kabbalat Shabbat services, as a test, while we smooth out our procedures and new technology setup. Please note that every first Friday of the month we will continue to have Wine and Cheese on Zoom at 6:00 pm. On those days Rabbi will be holding the usual First Fridays early service starting at 6:30 pm in the Sanctuary. Those (members) who can attend in the Sanctuary should come.

All in-person services will be held in our Sanctuary, with a limit of 25 attendees to start, to allow for the required social distancing that we are required to observe. Rabbi Sagal, Fran Semaya, Emilie Kovit-Meyer and the Religious Committee will all be working to make these services as “normal” as possible. Zoom will continue to be available for those who do not wish to attend in person, and for people who are not members of CBI.

A  registration form will be emailed to members on Monday mornings to be returned no later than Thursday at noon to sign up for that Friday night's Kabbalat Shabbat service. Registration will be required - no walk ins will be allowed at this time. We look forward to seeing you in person!

For the full reopening Stage One letter including Health Protocols, please click HERE.

service times



  • Kabbalat Service ~ 7:30 pm
  • First Friday of month: 6:00 pm wine & cheese, 6:30 pm service
  • Fourth Friday of month additional service for families with kids - 6:00 pm. Fourth Friday will resume in the fall.


  • Shabbat Service ~ 9:30 am
  • Havdalah - 7:30 pm



  • Morning Minyan ~ 8:00am



Shabbat Mattot/Masei

The Candle WITH a blessing

Every rabbi I know (myself excepted) has given some version of a sermon usually called “The Candle without a Blessing”.  It refers to the yahrzeit candle, which is lit without a bracha, and the rabbi usually talks about how we do not bless over a ritual act dedicated to grief.

That actually is not true-as many know when we tear our garments (or ribbon) we utter a blessing.  But what I discovered when I lit the yahrzeit candle for my mom a week ago is that it is a moment for blessing.  Lighting the candle gave me a moment to reflect on the blessing of my mother’s life and the role that she played in mine.  It allowed me to once again consider all that she did in her life and the many lives that she touched.

Likewise extinguishing the candle, as I did this AM, reminded me of the fragility and brevity of life, and the blessing of every day.  It is a “candle with a blessing”.

Rabbi Doug Sagal

I wish to thank the membership and staff of CBI for the food sent during our shiva in Boston.  It was appreciated beyond measure.

Shabbat Shalom

Won’t you help me to build up our community?  Please join, participate, celebrate with us at CBI.


  • Our guest cantor for the 2021 High Holidays will be Hazzan Joel Lichterman.
  • Fourth Friday will be on hiatus during the summer months. Our next Fourth Friday will be September 24, 2021.
  • Join us for a Congregation Read of Away by Amy Bloom. Amy will be discussing this book on June 27 at 11am on Zoom.

  • Services and Classes are streamed live on Facebook.   JOIN US
  • CBI is listed as an eligible charity on AMAZON SMILE! Go to Amazon Smile and select Congregation B'nai Israel (make sure it's our address) as your designated charity and make your purchases. Bookmark the Amazon Smile link so you can easily go through Amazon Smile when shopping.


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Sun, July 25 2021 16 Av 5781